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Learning and Development


 Our difference is that we work with others to expand the range of skills, knowledge and experience that we can provide to our clients.  Our associates come from varied training and development backgrounds, with valuable specialisms and coaching skills that support River in providing  quality, professional solutions.  We value the excellence that they bring, and so will you.   

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Employment Processes


As soon as you employ people you need to put various processes in place. Getting it right is important. Call us to design and deliver:

  • offer letters and employment contracts
  • policies that suit your company
  • employee handbook
  • template letters and forms
  • training programmes
  • performance appraisals
  • processes to deal with sickness absence, annual leave, performance issues
  • employee health and safety

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HR Strategy


Ok, let's really get started. 

Getting your underlying processes and procedures in place is key but this is where we can help to transform your business. 

Ask yourself:

  • do we have a shared vision that drives us?
  • do we have shared values we live by?
  • do we know how to create the right culture?
  • are we developing and retaining our talented people?
  • do we have a workforce plan?

Plan for the future




You want to find the best people for your business - people who will share your values and vision for the company. We can help you:

  • define the job role and competencies 
  • advertise the post
  • shortlist candidates
  • design and conduct the interview
  • design induction processes that will ensure your new starters settle in quickly

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Executive Coaching


Are you a leader? Do you need a sounding board? Or are you looking to  gain further self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve your development objectives, unlock your potential and that of your business?  Coaching offers you time and space to explore what you want to achieve, what is important to you and the steps you will take to make it happen. The advantage of working with River is the range of qualified coaching associates we can offer, so no matter your background or your goal we have someone for you to work with.

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Workplace Mediation


Even in the best workplaces, disputes and conflict can occur between employees. Whether as a result of a personality clash, poor communication or performance issues, conflict can lead to absence, stress, loss of productivity, formal grievances and other management issues. Early mediation from an independent person can reduce the risks associated with conflict. Both parties must be willing to take part in the process but if they are we can help them work on re-establishing a professional working relationship.

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